October 22nd - November 5th, Jogja, Indonesia


There are 14 places available in our 2017 retreat in Jogja, Indonesia. Also on site will be our two master artists Sarah Glidden and Sonny Liew as well as workshop directors and staff.


Participants are asked to contribute a fee of AU$300 for the workshop. This fee covers accommodation, some meals and transport to the residency site from the airport in Yogyakarta.


Jogja is a city in Central Java, the focus point of many of Indonesia's exciting creative and cultural movements. Our residency will be held in a screen printing studio called Krack in the south of Jogja's Keraton district. One of our hosts, Malcolm Smith, can describe the location best:

"Throw a stick in Yogyakarta, and chances are you’ll hit an artist. Located in the centre of Java, Jogja is surrounded by the ancient Borobodur and Prambanan temple complexes in the East and West, the active volcano Mount Merapi in the North and the fabulous beaches of Parangtritis and Wonosari in the South. In the centre of town, amongst centuries-old palaces, rambling marketplaces and narrow streets there is also an ever-expanding range of contemporary art spaces."

We have chosen this venue because it is a remarkable place to spend two weeks writing, drawing, thinking and talking.


Getting to the residency site requires a flight to Yogyakarta, usually connecting through Denpasar, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. We will arrange transport from the airport to your accommodation. Transport around town can be by bicycle, scooter, becak "rickshaw" or walking.


We have booked out a small hotel for the residency which is walking distance from our studio. The hotel is modest and facilities are relatively basic but the hotel has a pool and all rooms have a private bathroom.


Breakfast and dinner will be provided as part of the workshop fee with vegetarian options. For lunches we encourage people to explore the innumerable warungs or small restaurants around town. Indonesian food is excellent. The Central Javanese speciality is Soto Ayam, a chicken soup usually eaten for breakfast. There are an assortment of local and international foods to try as well as western options


During the residency our objective — as a group — is to figure out how to make better comics. Fourteen unfinished projects will be coming with us to the workshop so much of our time will be spent reading manuscripts, making annotations and discussing the works in depth. This is where you get the rare opportunity to have a set of fresh eyes on your project and to think through your project in structural and thematic terms. A group discussion of your project can be intense but we have been careful to develop a culture of respect and thoughtful critique. All participants are encouraged to contribute their experience and knowledge to the workshop and to continue those important, ongoing discussions outside of the formal spaces.

Our master artists Sarah Glidden and Sonny Liew will run artists’ talks on process, managing large projects, advice on agents, editors and publishers, and achieving the elusive work-life balance.

We encourage informal skills sharing sessions run by participants. In 2015, for example, we held watercolour technique workshops, plein-air drawing, 'impossible' life drawing, and oral storytelling. In Jogja we hope to spend an afternoon painting a mural as well as working on a series of screen prints in collaboration with Indonesian artists.

Remaining time will be left unstructured for participants to write, read, draw, and share ideas. We believe building trust and friendship between talented artists is the best way for us to develop both our practice and our careers as graphic storytellers.