November 1-14, Tasmania, Australia

The Comic Art Workshop is an artist-in-residence program for graphic storytellers. The program provides emerging artists in Australia and New Zealand with an opportunity to work alongside some of the world's best cartoonists and comics educators.

For two weeks each year we bring talented cartoonists together to focus on ambitious projects with the guidance of local and international master artists. The Workshop is a space to draw, write, think, share skills, build friendships and collaborate.

Our first residency in November 2015 will be held on Maria Island, a national park about 100km from Hobart, Tasmania. The workshop will be held in the historic Darlington Penitentiary on the northern tip of Maria. The remainder of the island is wilderness, famous for dramatic landforms, empty white beaches, atmospheric ruins and friendly wildlife.

Leading the workshop in 2015 are our international Master Artists Leela Corman and Tom Hart. Corman and Hart are acclaimed cartoonists, and founders of a pioneering institution in comics education, The Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida. Also facilitating the program are workshop directors Dr Elizabeth MacFarlane of Melbourne University and Australian cartoonist Pat Grant.

Our residency program is designed to help graphic storytellers develop their practice. We recognise that there is little support for cartoonists making the transition from smaller projects to the more ambitious projects that literary markets now demand. Our idea is to help graphic storytellers in Australia and New Zealand develop ambitious projects using the kind of practical workshopping tools familiar to novelists, screenwriters and theatre makers. We want to establish a common language for workshopping and editing graphic narratives as works in progress.

We're here to incubate a new generation of world class comics.